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 Taking photographs is more than a profession. It’s a true lifelong passion. The love of capturing genuine moments and having the ability to frame my images in interesting and unique ways.

You can purchase my prints in the form of digital images or have them printed on top quality materials such as canvas, photographic paper, metal or wood just to name a few. 


You can book a photographic session for your dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, horses....

 A new found passion of mine is water-sports photography. Capturing those all important action shots from sailing, paddle sports to water-skiers. 

You can book a photographic session just for yourself or an event and help promote your water sports club.

© Philippa Netscher - Pips Photos
Sailing at sunset
1 Leopard Male
_DSC0548 x 1
25 Elephant bull
Ginger Cat
20 Giraffe female eating
Hyena Pup
Bearded Dragon
15 Hooded vulture
12 Leopard female larder
SUP Sunset
Yellow-billed hornbill
Sailing Swans
7 Lion Ginger Male
31 Canadian Geese and ski
3 Lion Male
Stewartby Towers
19 Hyena pup reflections
Sunset sailing SWSC
Baby Ellie
Playful hyena pup
18 Hyena
24 Elephant family rainy season
23 Buffalo cow and oxpecker
21 Giraffe Sunset feeding
14 Redbilled Hornbill facial
10 Lion Male glare
8 Lion male blood tears
9 Lion stare
6 Lion Ginger male patrol
5 Lion Male ginger
4 Leopard young female
2 Lion young male BW
Colours of Africa
Elephant family
© Philippa Netscher - Pips Photos
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