About Me

Adventure and nature are my passion and I want to share that with you in the form of photography and my experiences.


I was born in South Africa and had the privilege of growing up in Zimbabwe before moving to the UK in 2001. I have been extremely lucky in being given opportunities that many can only dream about.


Having grown up in the African bush my love for nature started when I was eight years old, when I decided then that I wanted to become a safari guide and work alongside nature.


My dream came true in 1992, at the age of eighteen when I was offered a job as a Safari Guide for Masuwe Lodge, Landela Safaris in Victoria Falls. I was fortunate enough to be trained by the absolute best in the safari industry.


Over the years my passion for adventure and nature has only increased. I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with and for, some of the best Safari operators in the industry. Culminating, in 1999 where I managed Giraffe Springs Safari Lodge in the middle Hwange National Park for Wilderness Safaris.


In 2001 due to the economic turmoil in Zimbabwe, I left Africa with a heavy heart and settled in the UK. My career path now in complete tatters I joined the NHS as a Bookkeeper and Finance Officer.


The call of the African bush, its people and culture draw me back year after year.


I maintain a balance between Africa and the UK, by exploring and learning about the British flora and fauna.


My latest adventures have led me to water-sports photography and pet photography.